The TV times was first published in 1955,  becoming a national magazine in 1969. Before that a number of the regional ITV companies, namely; Westward Television, Scottish Television, Tyne Tees Television, Ulster Television, TWW and Teledu Cymru, had their own listings magazines. The Midlands originally published their own edition of the TV Times listing ATV and ABC programmes only, but an alternative listings magazine for the Midlands called TV World existed from 1964-69. The TV Times although national was published on a regional basis, each addition reflecting the listings for that individual area, always including a schedule for overlapping areas.

If you were lucky enough to be able to receive another ITV company, you often had a choice of viewing, mostly the choice was between films in the afternoon or late at night, quite a treat in the days before multi-channel broadcasting.

In November 1982, Channel 4, Britain’s second commercial Television station started, and, at the time, it was funded by ITV, its listings were carried in the TV Times.    


In 1991 television listings were deregulated and the TV Times was able to publish listings for BBC Radio and Television and other cable services.
Likewise the Radio Times (the BBC listings publication which started in 1923) was able to publish ITV programme listings. Soon many cheaper and in fearer publications followed; the monopoly of the TV listings was over.
It's worth mentioning that Channel Television ( The ITV franchise for the Channel Islands)  continued to publish its own listings magazine until 1991 (the company thought it might go under without the revenue from its own listings  magazine).


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