As I’m sure many of you will be aware the legendary Gerry Anderson MBE passed away on December 26th, he died peacefully in his sleep after suffering with mixed dementia for the past few years. He was aged 83.

For many of my age this man had a massive influence on our television viewing, comic buying and toy wish lists of our childhood.

From the late 1950’s  monochrome programmes like ‘The Adventures of Twizzle’, ‘Torchy, the Battery Boy’ and ‘Four Feather Falls’ to the programmes I grew up with, ‘Supercar’, ‘Fireball XL5’ the ground breaking, and in colour, Thunderbirds which introduced us to ‘Supermarionation’

Followed by ‘Captain Scarlet’, Joe 90' and ‘The Secret Service’, which was the eighth series and last series made by his company ‘Century 21’ which combined a mix of live action as well as marionettes

I also recall live the action series such as ‘UFO’, ‘Space 1999’ and ‘The Protectors’.

Gerry was a pioneer; he leaves a legacy of material which is still enjoyed by children, young and old all over the world.

For more information on Gerry please visit ‘Fanderson

As a tribute Radio Sounds Familiar is playing many more themes from Gerry’s TV Series, which were of course composed and played by his friend and colleague Barry Gray.

Gerry Anderson 1929- 2012


And finally can I wish you all a Happy and Peaceful 2013.