I’ve just finished watching the DVD box set of ‘The Ghosts of Motley Hall’. Made by Granada Television, these 20 episodes were originally broadcast between 1976 and 1978.

What a delight, well written, directed and acted.
The writer, Richard Carpenter, already had a formidable track record, having created the iconic ‘Catweasle’ television series and with his previous work on ‘The Adventures of Black Beauty’. 
The music, by composer Wilfred Josephs
is well suited to the series, the theme has been added to the playlist of Radio Sounds Familair. 
The visual effects, for the time, are excellent.
Apart from the marvelious performances from the cast, Arthur English (Bodkin), Freddie Jones (General Sir George Uproar), Nicholas le Prevost (Sir Francis ‘Fanny’ Uproar), Sean Flanagan (Matt), Sheila Steafel (The White Lady), Peter Sallis (Mr. Arnold Gudgin) the guest cast reads like a who’s who of character actors of the 1970’s namly: William Mervyn, Reg Lye, Tony Haygarth, Reginald Marsh, Neil McCarthy, Valerie Lush, Tenniel Evans, Iain Cuthbertson, Brian Wilde, Diana King, Alfred Marks, Annie Ross, Ed Devereaux, Joan Sanderson and Michael Elphick.
If you haven’t seen this series, it appeals both to children and adults, please grab yourself the box set,

For a  more information on the series take a look at the page in Television memories.