Just a head of my December Blog, some additions to the playlist.

From the new release ‘Top Dog: A Retrospective of Classic TV & Radio Themes 1960-1982’ this is the fourth release in De Wolfe Music's commercial series to celebrate their centenary.

There are some great tracks on the Album and currently included on the Sounds Familiar playlist are:

Roohbarb - Johnny Hawkworth

George & Mildred - Johnny Hawksworth

The Gonk - Herbert Chappell the theme from ‘Seeing and Doing’

Radioscope - Georges Delerue theme from ‘The Round Britain Quiz’

Trombones On Parade - Jack Trombey theme from ‘Junior Showtime’

Domino - Jack Trombey   the theme from ‘Never the Twain’

Rita De La Terre Earth - Edward Michael  the theme from 70’s Kids Cult Scfi series ‘Timeslip’

Flatrock - Willi Andrea the theme from ’The Kids from 47A’

These tracks play at around half past the hour.

Take care and Bye for Now