Steve Wills at Chichester hospital radio has come up Trumps again with this delightful CD compilation Called ‘Lost in transmission’. Described as ’63 Film, Radio and TV soundtracks unlocked from the vaults.  The tracks have been purged from great libraries such as De Wolfe, JW Media and EMI production music. Many tracks will be familiar to you and many you won’t have heard in years and most of them are on public release for the first time.

 Here is my list of my particular favorites:

 ‘Cucumber Cool’ and ‘After Eight’ performed by The London Studio Group two cheerful test card pieces.

Then there is ‘Springy Kinda Tune’ by The Scottmen Plus, a familiar piece used on a public information film from the 1963 called  'When in the country'.

 ’Horizons’ by  New Concert Orchestra was used by on the Alan Wicker programme. 

‘Party Time’ by The  European Sound Stage Orchestra, was recently revived by Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer’s BBC 2 Comedy ‘House of Fools’.

Syd Dale’s ‘Marching there And Back’ is the unmistakable theme to the 70’s children’s film quiz ‘Screen Test’. 

 James Aldenham with ‘Just a minute’ was used by Channel Four when they took over ITV School's playing over the countdown clock before each programme.

The Full version of Jeff Wayne’s’ Good Morning Britain’ that heralded the start of the TV AM’s daily morning broadcast.

 And do you remember the series of public information films featuring ‘The Blunders’?  here we have its theme ‘Kidlington Green’ by The International Studio Orchestra,  and finally two great comedy Beds  ‘Dance Of The Gorilla’  by The  Pierre Arvay Group and ‘Happy Mum’  by   Johnny Pearson & His Orchestra.

The whole collection is a joy to listen to and is well worth adding to your library.

Available here for just £13 with all proceeds going to a good cause ‘Chichester Hospital Radio’.

You can also hear tracks from the album played on Radio Sounds Familiar.

For now, lets make a present of the past