Do you remember those half hour Black and White ‘Scotland Yard" case book films shown on ITV during the sixties and seventies and later on Channel Four in the eighties

‘Scotland Yard! Nerve centre of London's Metropolitan Police, headquarters of its Department of Criminal Investigation. Scotland Yard! A name that appears on almost every page of the annals of crime detection. Scotland Yard! Where night and day a determined body of men carry on a relentless unceasing crusade against crime. . . Stored deep in the heart of Scotland Yard are the records of thousands of cases, histories of every breach of the law from larceny to murder, stories of human weakness, of greed and envy, of cunning and stupidity’…Ring any bells?

Introduced by a stern and sombre host. That was Edgar Lustgarten.

For the most part forgotten now, but in his heyday he was quite the celebrity. Appearing on panel shows and writing about his pet subject, crime, in national press.

For more information take a look at his biography page in Broadcast Bygones

We can at long last take another look at this man’s work. Network has released these films for the first time on DVD. Although considered B or second features they are a joy to watch, with many familiar faces performing early in their careers.

I have enjoyed watching these films again and I’m sure they will appeal to the Nostalgic Radio Sounds Familiar audience.

And if you enjoy ‘Scotland Yard’ the follow up series ’The Scales of Justice’ is also available.

Bye for now