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Famous for composing the unforgettable themes for Supercar, Thunderbirds , Captain Scarlett and the like, Barry Gray also penned dozens of jingles, themes and mood music, for radio, television and cinema from the late 1950’s through to the end of the 1960’s. Some of this work has now been released on the album, ‘Standby for Adverts’. It is unashamedly, Kitsch, Camp and extremely British, but completely undiluted nostalgia.  From the catchy jingle to Quaker’s Banana Mellows and the familiar Sunsilk Shampoo promotion and then longer form work for larger company’s, such as a 2 minute sountrack for a  BOAC, British Overseas Airways Corporation film and for Hoover, with the soundtrack to their 35 minute film on their revolutionary Keymatic Washing Machine, which featured unique ways of programming the machine by using a selection of 'key-cards' to select the wash programme, you couldn’t make it up!

Click on the Dalek like appliance for advert:

hoover keymatic washing machine

Included also are cues for adverts for Horlicks, Flash, Gillette and Lyons maid. Some tracks there is Barry’s audio count in for the artists, and occasionally when you hear ‘Take 13’ you can detect a slight frustration.

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Also featured are a selection of unreferenced tracks written for lost or forgotten projects and some superb jazz cues written for the shell oil company. Vocal contributors to this album include the likes of Eric Sykes and the Mike Sammes Singers as well as Barry himself.
On this selection of 81 track, which were recorded between 1959 and 65, you can hear more than a hint of what Barry had instore for us when he collaborated with Gerry Anderson and took off into the world of Supermarionation.

 music for biscuits cd front cover

Following on from his album ‘Music for Biscuit’ featuring Mike Sammes and the Mike Sammes singers, Jonny Truck has released another sure winner.
All in all this anthology is fun and innocent, giving us a little insight into how products were sold to us 40 odd years ago
This assortment fits comfortably in the Radio Sounds Familiar Playlist and a number of tracks are currently playing, but if you can’t wait, the CD or MP3 download  is available for purchase here.

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