The Avengers Howard Blake CD Front Cover

Silver Screen records have released a double CD which is indispensable listening for any ardent Avengers fan.
This compilation contains an assortment of instantly recognisable music scores from the Tara King (Linda Thorson 1968) series, composed by Howard Blake, who later became famous for scoring the music for the award winning animation ‘The Snowman’
Together with Johnny Dankworth and Laurie Johnson, Howard Blake was the third, but equally important member of  The Avengers TV series music team.
  In the first three series (43 episodes) John Steed’s assistant was Cathy Gale, played by Honor Blackman, it ran between 1962-1964.  Johnny Dankworth  gave this a seductive jazzy mood theme.
Between 1965-1967 Steed’s assistant  became Emma Peel, played by Diana Rigg, totaling  51 episodes, shot on 35mm film, and making the transition from monochrome to colour, half way through the run. Perhaps for that reason  Laurie Johnson composed a more colourful and exciting up-tempo theme, in contrast to his predecessor.
In season seven the music of Howard Blake complements Laurie Johnson’s work perfectly, his scores totally encapsulates everything about the Avengers  and reflects that period.

Each suite of tracks is  a condensed mini version of an episode. Listening to the album you are magically transported into each story line with its unfolding drama, action and adventure that follow.
My particular favourites are the music from ‘All Done With Mirrors’ and the six tracks in the ‘Super Secret Cypher Snatch’ suite.
None the less all the track are brilliant.
 Included is Laurie Johnson's main and closing themes, although I suspect most aficionados will already own theses.

The tracks in this collection are lifted from the original TV film soundtrack, so are consequently in mono, but to hear them in full length, and this quality, is a real treat.


This CD is available from all good online retailers as well as being  downloadable from the Silver Screen website.

It has been nearly 4 years since the release of any Avengers Original  Soundtrack music, lets hope we won’t have too wait as long for more of these mini masterpieces to be made available.

In the meantime a generous helping of tracks from this collection, as well a previous Avengers OST is now playing on Radio Sounds Familiar.

Until next time I’m of to pay my respects at Happy Meadows!

TTFN  Gary

CD Track Listing

Disc: 1

1. The Avengers Theme (Laurie Johnson)

2. My Wildest Dream - Main Title
3. My Wildest Dream - Action Sequence
4. My Wildest Dream - Nightmare For Harp
5. My Wildest Dream - Finale
6. Whoever Shot Poor George Oblique Stroke XR40? - Main Title
7. All Done With Mirrors - Main Title
8. All Done With Mirrors - Action Sequence
9. All Done With Mirrors - Blues In Suspense
10. All Done With Mirrors - Over The Top
11. All Done With Mirrors - Optical Illusions
12. All Done With Mirrors - Fife & Drum
13. Super Secret Cypher Snatch - Main Title
14. Super Secret Cypher Snatch - Action Sequence
15. Super Secret Cypher Snatch - Action Sequence 2
16. Super Secret Cyphe Snatch - Cyber Crush
17. Super Secret Cypher Snatch Finale
18. Super Secret Cypher Snatch - Tag Scene
19. Game - Main Title
20. Game - Contrabassoon Plays Burlesque
21. Game - Circus Snakes & Ladders
22. Noon Doomsday - Main Title
23. Noon Doomsday - South Of The Border
24. Noon Doomsday - Lone Railroad
25. Noon Doomsday - Ticking Clock
26. Noon Doomsday - Death By Bullfight
27. Noon Doomsday - Insistent Heartbeat
28. Noon Doomsday - Marking Time 2
9. Noon Doomsday – Finale

Disc: 2

1. Wish You Were Here - Main Title
2. Wish You Were Here - Interlude For Bassoon
3. Wish You Were Here - Woodwind Games
4. Wish You Were Here - Cor Anglais
5. Wish You Were Here - Tag Scene
6. The Interrogators - Main Title
7. The Interrogators - Adagio Flute/Main Theme
8. The Interrogators - Harp To Flute/Brass Menace
9. The Interrogators - Tag Scene
10. Take Me To Your Leader - Main Title
11. Take Me To Your Leader - Wah-wah Blues March
12. Take Me To Your Leader - Wah-wah Blues March 2
13. Take Me To Your Leader - Light Suspense
14. Who Was The Man I Saw You With? - Main Title
15. Who The Man I Saw You With? - Winds & Oboe Solo
16. Who Was The Man I Saw You With? - Fender Rhodes leading back to theme
17. Who Was The Man I Saw You With? - Fender Rhodes Suspense
18. Who Was The Man I Saw You With? - Extended Title Music
19. Who Was The Man I Saw You With? - Quiet Winds
20. Who Was The Man I Saw You With? – Finale
21. The Avengers End Title Theme (Laurie Johnson)