It started broadcasting in 1933, arguably the earliest commercial Radio station broadcasting in the English language, aimed at the entertainment starved listeners of the United Kingdom, who up until that point relied on Auntie Beeb for their radio listening.

Often mistakenly referred to as a ‘Pirate Radio Station’, Radio Luxembourg offered and English speaking commercial service for more than 60 years from the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg in central Europe, it shaped the radio landscape for future of commercial broadcasting in the UK


I have Happy Memories of listening to the fading signal(Known as the Luxembourg fade) of the great 208 during the 1970’s.

With its distinctive jingle package, Radio Luxembourg had a unique sound, and is a much missed part of the broadcasting landscape.

Listen out for some echoes of  Radio Luxembourg on Radio Sounds Familiar


Can I wish you a Belated Happy New Year

Best Wishes Gary