There is a growing interest in TV theme tunes and Library music being played live.

The Originals, of course, are the KPM all Stars, comprising  the composers of many of the Library Hits that have become familiar TV theme tunes. Alan Hawkshaw  synonymous with his Hammond organ, Brian Bennett and his drums, the legend that is Keith Mansfield and not forgetting  John Cameron, Duncan Lamont, and James Clarke. 

I recently had the pleasure of enjoying a performance of a fledgling ensemble called ‘The Theme Team’ playing at my local Pub, ( The Rose and Crown Theatre Pub in Walthamstow)

The band Comprised of 10 musicians with a keen interest in library and Television music.

Speaking to Tony, the Band leader, he told me it was only their third performance.

They had already established a diverse repertoire.

From library pieces like ‘Funky Fanfare’ by Keith Mansfield to the more familiar themes such as Laurie Johnson’s  ‘ The Avengers’,  Ron Grainers ‘Man in a Suitcase’ and Edwin Astley’s theme to ‘The Champions’ .

For such a large band the venue was a bit cramped, but never the less their renditions were pretty good.

Tony has sent me a brief description of the band which is here:

The Theme team are a unique and exciting band that plays TV themes.Their exhilarating arrangements of classics like The Avengers and Doctor Who; 70s favourites like Starsky and Hutch, and more current themes - Sex and the City and Big Brother, encompass, jazz, funk, Latin and even the odd foray into folk! The ten outstanding players in the Theme Team are all established on the London jazz scene and came together through a shared passion for these familiar but rarely heard tunes and a belief that they deserve greater exposure - and that playing them would be fun!
The band’s appeal is partly nostalgic - but is also down to the sheer quality of the compositions and the energy and commitment of players.Their repertoire spans the last 60 years of TV themes, some you expect to hear, some you’re surprised to hear and some you didn’t know you remembered.
The sound of the band is spirited and energetic, with a kicking rhythm section of keyboards, bass, drums and guitar supporting vibrant trumpets, rich trombones and soulful saxes - oh! and flute for those ‘Mission Impossible’ moments.
The Theme Team have a genuinely broad appeal with a repertoire that resonates with anyone, young or old, who likes music and has ever watched TV!

The Theme Team are:

Lindsey Lowe - trumpet
Kay Charlton - trumpet
Stefan Langford - trombone
Daniel Burke - trombone
Simon Henry - alto sax/flute
Dave Eastham - tenor sax
Marcus Hill - keyboards
Jon Fell - bass
Dan Winslet - drums
Tony Goldsmith - guitar


They have a  Facebook page which can be found here:


Take a look at the performance here

If you live in the London area look out for these guys.

Bye for now