It’s been a while since a TV compilation CD release contained many tracks I didn’t already have in my collection but ‘TV IS THE THING’ ( Fifties and Sixties Television Themes) is one of those rare breeds.  Containing some programmes I’d never heard of, but the themes are instantly  likable.

‘The Pursuers‘   a series that ran for forty episodes (1961)  and starred Louis Hayward as Inspector Bollinger in his  pursuit of  criminals and scoundrels on the mean streets of London with the aid of his trusty German Shepherd dog. This orchestral theme was Penned by the great Malcolm Lockyer, best known for his work on the 1960’s ‘Doctor Who and the Darleks’ film.

 Then we have ‘Outbreak of Murder’ a seven episode series with Glyn Houston as Inspector Mitchell of Scotland Yard, who was tasked with investigating two murders. Gordon Franks was behind this composition, the man responsible for the theme tunes to the ‘The Rag Trade’, ‘Father Dear Father' and the BBC solo vehicle for Sid James ‘ Citizen James’, which also features on this collection.

One of the Highlights for me is ‘Lunchbox’ played by Jerry Allen.  Before Crossroads Noele Gordon presented this daytime sing-a-long / Chat show which was made in, and seldom broadcast outside the ATV Midlands region.

The Radio Luxemburg Kent Walton’s pop show was made into a TV programme, retitled  ‘Honey Hit Parade ‘ the theme called ‘The Beat Way’ is presented here, and  Ted Heath plays very much in his own unique style.  Steve Stannard performs  ‘Man of Mystery’ the series theme from ’The Edgar Wallace Mysteries’, this series of films was originally made for cinema in the early 1960s but was snapped up by the ITV companies and used to fill up their schedules during the 1960’s and 70’s. The Shadows had a hit with the theme, but it was never used in the series.

This Album starts with Dinah Washington singing ‘TV is The Thing’ which admittedly was never a TV theme, but what a great way to start off the collection!.

Also included is a Cha Cha Versions of Z Cars and 77 Sunset strip which is all very jolly.

And if that wasn’t enough nostalgia, segued between the tracks is a collection of period adverts composed by John and Joan Shakespeare.

A full track listing is given below:

1.    TV IS THE THING - Dinah Washington

2.    THE PURSUERS - Malcolm Lockyer

3.    ROUTE 66 - John Gregory

4.    OUTBREAK OF MURDER - Gordon Franks

5.    SASHA'S THEME - Sasha Distel

6.    SUPERCAR - Charles Blackwell

7.    THE DESPERADOES - Cambridge Strings

8.    GURNEY SLADE - Alan Ainsworth

9.    THE BEAT WAY (FROM HONEY HIT PARADE) - Ted Heath And His Music

10.    Z CARS - John Warren Orchestra

11.    77 SUNSET STRIP - Pete Candoli And His Orchestra

12.    LUNCHBOX - Jerry Allen

13.    LAS VEGAS (FROM ANIMAL MAGIC) - Laurie Johnson

14.    SOOTY'S PARTY (EXCERPT) - Harry Corbett

15.    CHAMPION THE WONDER HORSE - Frankie Laine

16.    CUTTY SARK (FROM DATELINE) - John Barry

17.    DANGER MAN - Alan Swain

18.    THE AVENGERS - Johnny Dankworth

19.    M SQUAD - John Gregory


21.    SAM BENEDICT - Johnny Keating

22.    SID'S THEME (FROM CITIZEN JAMES) - Gordon Franks

23.    EGGHEADS - Bryan Blackburn And Peter Evans

24.    CHICK SHAPE - Craig Douglas


Published by Croydon Muicipal and available from Amazon on CD and Download from the link below.
This Album without doubt gets the
Radio Sounds Familiar 5 Stars thumbs up.

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