The Demand for Creatives: Why Businesses Need Marketing Visionaries

The world of digital marketing is as vast as it is complex. Some people think that marketing is easy compared to finance or manufacturing, but that would be like comparing apples to carrots. These industries can’t be compared to one another simply because they exist in different leagues.

While the finance and manufacturing industries are more technical and objective, marketing is subjective because it’s more creative. Of course, marketing also has technical aspects such as search engine optimization (SEO). Still, even that requires a level of creativity because it involves creating content that’s optimized for the search engines.

That’s why it’s not right that the creatives are belittled or looked down on in the professional world because they can offer something that the others cannot—their distinctly creative juices. If your business needs help standing out for the crowd, you can always depend on a comprehensive marketing agency to bring your ideas to fruition. Here are some strategies you might need help in:

Social Media Campaigns

Contrary to what most people believe, launching a social media campaign is not all fun and games. In reality, a successful campaign is birthed from the blood, sweat, and tears of the creative team, who worked long hours to achieve that feat. These people devoted sleepless nights and followed strict deadlines to launch effective social media campaigns.

So it’s not something that just about anyone can do, even if the main marketing channel is social media platforms. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even TikTok can simply be channels for entertainment and information for most consumers. But to businesses, these social media platforms are powerful tools that can drive their success.

Using social media platforms and launching different campaigns are much more complex than what many people think. To launch an effective campaign, marketers would have to analyze their audience and devise creative strategies to acquire their attention amid the hundreds of other campaigns simultaneously occurring online.

The work doesn’t end once the campaign is safely launched. This is because marketers would also have to track the effectiveness of their strategies, measure the level of audience engagement, and use social media analytics to prepare for their future campaigns. In short, the work here never ends.

Content Creation

Anything you see online that can be reproduced and disseminated via digital channels will count as content. This includes photos, videos, GIFs, articles, infographics, interactive games, and native widgets, to name a few. All these content varieties can be used to cater to a specific target demographic.

For instance, most young adults are drawn more towards short videos, GIFs, and interactive content, while older people prefer photos and written content. But this varies from person to person, so it’s still important to get to know your audience if you want to produce content that will attract their attention.

content marketing

Content creation is essential to digital marketing. It can look easy enough to the audience because all they see is the final product, but it takes many hours to put together concepts for photo shoots and video productions. And then there’s the actual shooting of raw materials, editing, as well as rendering the outputs.

Aside from all the hours devoted to creating content, there’s also a challenge to stay original and stand out from the plethora of content produced by thousands of other creatives every single day. That’s why content creation is not something that should be taken lightly nor dismissed as if it has no value.

Promotional Events

Putting up an event is no easy task. Every event begins with conceptualizing its theme and purpose before the organizers can even move on to the nitty-gritty details. The time frame for preparations depends highly on the scale of the event, so if you’re planning to accommodate upwards of 100 attendees, you might need a month or two to prepare.

Of course, the preparations will also be directly affected by the availability of resources for the event. If the funding is readily available, it will take less time to put up an event because the organizers will just need to take care of the logistics, contact the vendors, send out invites, and design the venue.

But if the organizers still need to gather funds for the event, the preparation will take much longer than usual. Besides planning for the main event, the organizers would also have to promote the event and ensure that they can secure enough attendees because otherwise, the event would be unsuccessful.

There was a time when marketing was relatively simple. Businesses can hand out flyers on the street if they have new products or play their jingle on the radio to reach a larger audience. But with modern technology and the thousands of other businesses all vying for the same market’s attention, the challenge transformed into being more ingenious and creative with their marketing strategies.

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