Guide to Transforming a Dated Home Into a Modern Rustic Haven

It’s not uncommon for Americans to dwell in homes older than 20 years. The median age of homes in the country is 37 years, but if you reside in the Northeast regions, the median house age there is approximately 57-58 years.

If you live in an old home for a while now, chances are it had already gone through a renovation or remodel before you bought it. However, it’s probably still looking a little dated, especially if the makeover was done in the ’90s at most.

And now that you’re on this blog, you’re surely thinking of giving your space another transformation. Modern rustic design is perfect for old homes. It combines old-world elements with contemporary ones, meaning you don’t have to replace every antique or old item in your abode.

That said, here’s how to turn your dated space into a modern rustic haven:

1. Add Rustic Details to the Ceiling

A key characteristic of a rustic space is a beamed ceiling. High-quality and durable barnwood beams come in two distinct styles: hollow box and solid. If you have vaulted ceilings, hollow box beams suit them best, while lower ceilings will have more charm with solid beams.

Hung a statement chandelier in the living or dining room, or in both. A typical rustic chandelier is a wrought-iron lantern, but of course, you can opt for other styles, as long as it suits your tastes and complements a rustic design.

Pendant lights made of natural materials are also brilliant additions. Consider something made of capiz shell, mica, wicker, or rattan. Place them in rooms with low ceilings, like your dining room and kitchen island.

2. Don’t Be Afraid of Color

Neutral palettes may be in, but livelier colors definitely deserve a comeback. Don’t be afraid to play with color in your kitchen or any other room. The key is to mix and match different shades to wood tones to stay consistent with the rustic theme.

Celery green and aqua blue kitchen cabinetry, for example, complement rough-hewn hardwood floors and shiplap walls. The result is an unfitted look, but not unpleasant because the visible “flaws” actually add more character and make your kitchen look more homely.

3. Use Vintage or Antique Furniture

If you own a vintage or antique dining table, that would serve as a perfect farmhouse statement piece. Pair it with striped drapes and cushions, and add some plaid accents as well. But if you prefer something airier, go for plain fabric accents, and decorate the space with greens to add life.

4. Stock Up on Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed wood is the best organic element in all rustic havens. What’s more, you’re helping preserve the forests if you purchase reclaimed wood over newly sourced ones.

You can use reclaimed wood to adorn arches, make new furniture, and even as a powder room sink. The material is truly versatile, putting your creativity and resourcefulness to the test.

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5. Mix Interior Decorating Styles

Just because you’re going with a rustic theme doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t incorporate other decor styles anymore. If you wish to add some coastal elements into the space, for example, feel free to do so; mixing interior decor styles isn’t a new practice, so you should give it a try, too.

To achieve a mixed decor style, match reclaimed wood to newly sourced ones by staining them with the same tone to keep things cohesive. Choose a pattern that would unify the space, such as a specific shape or motif. Bring this pattern all throughout the space to achieve consistency instead of a cluttered look.

However, don’t be too caught up in the “rules” that you’d limit your creativity. A rustic space is known for being inviting and cozy, anyway, so forget about extreme uniformity, and just let your own style show.

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