Give Your Home That Homey, Rustic Vibe with These 6 Decorative Products

For a lot of homeowners, living in a log cabin situated in a secluded forest or at the foot of a snow-capped mountain is the ultimate dream.

For them, the idea of a home that exudes a raw, homey vibe is hard to beat. They maintain that no amount of modern amenities could make them exchange the chance of being in a rustic home, even if it means saying no to living inside a home with futuristic tech and flashy amenities.

If you prefer the natural elements that make up a rustic abode over the modern features of many of today’s urban dwellings, then you should consider getting these six decorative items for your home:

Get some reclaimed wood

Wood is a dominant element in any home that follows rustic design principles. As such, be sure to splurge a bit on some reclaimed wood from old homes or barns. A quick trip to the dump, a used construction materials store, or a tip from someone who knows of a rustic home being demolished somewhere could give you the materials that you need.

However, if you don’t want to go through all that kind of trouble and just buy manufactured ‘reclaimed wood’ instead, then a trip to a local barnwood supplier that sells hand-processed and kiln-dried wood made to look like authentic reclaimed wood pieces.

This novel manufacturing approach succeeds in recreating the time-hewn look of reclaimed barnwood minus the years and decades needed to age the wood naturally and beautifully. This means that you can have as many wood pieces as you need to complete your rustic design project without needing to find them in different locations.

Go for handmade decor

The rustic design calls for decorative items that are woven by deft hands but maintaining the simplicity and rawness of something naturally found in nature, thereby providing an appeal that is intimate and personal yet highly raw and natural.

Whether you’re aiming for tables and chairs or some dining table centerpieces, go for items that are simplistic in shape and design. The idea is for the materials used to be the talking points and not the way the pieces were crafted.

In fact, so high is the premium placed on simplicity and raw appeal that even animal hide and rough stones that were hardly given conscious efforts to be aesthetically altered are already considered as worthy of inclusion in a rustic-themed home. Again, it’s the material itself that’s the star of the show and not the level of artistry put into it.

Invest in natural and textured fabrics

When it comes to fabrics, natural still does it for an authentic rustic look.

As such, be sure to invest in some fabrics that rich in texture and natural vibe, which means printed ones are automatically out of the list. You should consider canvas, burlap, wool, and linen, among others.

These fabric choices are found in most rustic-styled private dwellings, so you won’t go wrong design-wise if you’ll follow their lead.

Have some metallic pieces, but not shiny ones

If you really must throw in some metallic items into your design equation, then be sure to only go for tones that are naturally aged such as old industrial pipes and metals. You have the option to go for shiny metals but if you really want a strictly rustic vibe, then be the wiser and stay away from them.

You can score some authentic rustic metallic items from thrift shops, the local dump (if you’re the more adventurous type), and antique shops. This may require you some sleuthing skills and lots of leg work, but the design benefits you’ll get out of it would be just tremendous.

A stone or brick fireplace


If you like the idea of your family and friends all huddled together in front of a fireplace, then be sure to get one made of natural stone or brick.

As previously mentioned, the strict rustic design mantra is all about natural and time-hewn. This means that given the choice between a modern metallic fireplace and one made of kiln-dried bricks, you should choose the latter without skipping a heartbeat.

Some professional contractors specialize in installing fireplaces in homes, so be sure to hire them to achieve a stunning finish.

Have custom cabinetry, but make sure they’re rustic, too

If you want a tailored look but still wish to stick to your rustic theme, then have a local artisan craft some personalized cabinetry for your bedroom, kitchen, or bathroom. However, be sure to explicitly state that the cabinets should follow the rustic theme.

By this, the artisan should, as much as possible, use only reclaimed materials for the cabinetry. It should also be made as raw-looking as possible, with the only exception of treating the wood to make it last longer.

With these six design options, your rustic-inspired home should be a stunning place to live in.

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