Getting Published: Finding the Right Resources to Fund Your Book

Publishing a book is never easy. In fact, it is one of the hardest realities in a writer’s life. From writing the book to getting it published, everything involves a ton of hard work and rejection. Often, you’ll hear most writers putting off their plans for publishing because of the lack of support and resources.

A published work is a large investment for many writers. While self-publishing a book is very empowering for most freelance writers, it also comes with bigger challenges, from the publication to the promotion. Today, you’ll find self-publishing firms willing to help budding writers navigate the entire publishing process. From the editing, cover design, illustration, marketing, and distribution, these companies are not letting any talent get wasted.

Like writing, publishing requires commitment and patience. If you are stuck in a rut with limited financial resources, it’s time to get your feet up and look for proper funding. Not convinced? Here are some ways to find funding for your next publication.


Everybody knows that is never easy to ask for money from strangers, but with the right packaging and story, you’ll get that book published in no time. Crowdfunding is an alternative way used by many artists to publish their works. For most writers, they take advantage of crowdfunding to promote their works by building their initial fan base.

Crowdfunding is like preselling a book where you introduce your idea or life story to interested readers and encouraging them to raise funds for you. Instead of self-publishing a book with no idea about its potential sales, crowdfunding will not only raise money, but it also serves as a marketing campaign before publishing a work.

Many writers have successfully raised funds through their fan base. If you want to start a crowdfunding campaign, start your journey by finding your preferred crowdfunding website. Some of the biggest names are Kickstarter, Patreon, and GoFundMe. After creating the campaign, share the link on social media platforms and ask your family and friends to share the word for better reach.

To attract more attention, write your life story or journey as a publishing writer to touch the hearts of your audience. But avoid weaving false stories because people have a way of finding the truth. If people find your story interesting, you’ll be able to raise funds pretty quickly.

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Getting a grand is probably the best funding alternative, yet the most challenging one. Many writers find it difficult to obtain grants because it involves a very tedious process from writing a compelling proposal, finding grant resources, and forming a great marketing plan. Writers can apply for funds through non-profit organizations and government agencies, such as state art commissions, local art councils, and local governments.

Rules and standards may vary depending on the organization when looking for grant recipients. To know the structure of a specific grant, you may call a grant representative, subscribe to email updates or newsletters, or serve on the grant panel. The latter option is often offered by organizations that need diverse opinions during grant selections. Take this opportunity to get involved and learn about the process.

The amount coming from a grant ranges between a hundred dollars to a thousand. Unfortunately, a $10,000 worth of grant is quite rare unless the author has proven something before.

When writing a marketing plan, make sure to be straightforward as possible. Let them know about your plans on selling the book and what it means to them. Sadly, first-time writers often have a hard time getting grants since they haven’t proven anything yet. To convince the panel, prove that you have finished a large project successfully.


If you find the first two options difficult, ask for sponsorships. This often works for writers who have worked previously with a specific organization or company. Invite them to support your work as their brand extension. This is fairly easy if the nature of your project aligns with the company’s mission or branding. It can be a win-win situation, where you get your funding while they have their name on the cover or a featured story on an exclusive page.

It can be a little tricky when asking for sponsorship at a company, but the results are very rewarding if you found someone willing to know your story. Just make sure you are offering something unique and new to the industry.

Publishing any type of work is certainly no easy task, especially if you are just starting out. Getting the right funding is all about being resourceful to know all the available funding options. Although the journey can be tough, all the troubles will be worth it once you get published.

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