Improving Your Lifestyle with DSLR Photography

DSLR photography is any style or form of photography that uses one specific type of camera, the DSLR. This name is an abbreviation for Digital Single-Lens Reflex, which is generally the fundamental characteristic of this camera.

“Digital” means the camera uses a sensor to operate. “Single-lens” describes the fact that only one lens is used for all sorts of functions, such as focusing, framing, or capturing a photograph. This means that you’re able to monitor what the camera is seeing before you take an image. “Reflex” describes the ability of the camera to split the light using a mirror to direct the image to the lens.

The main factor that makes a DSLR superior among the other types of cameras is that it is digital. Instead of using a film to store and record images, DSLR cameras allow you to take almost countless shots that your storage may allow. This convenience makes DSLR photography the most widely used form of photography in our current age.

Why Photography Matters

The successful and somewhat tedious process that cameras have undergone is definitely a feat of its own. One can’t help but wonder why we even bother developing this type of technology. Why should we even care about photographs? Does photography really matter to us that much? We’ve listed some of the best answers below.

A Representation of What’s Essential

Whenever there’s a special occasion in your life, like your family being together after a few years, you immediately take your smartphone out to take pictures. That’s essentially what photography does. It freezes the moment you are currently living and lets you cherish them for as long as you live, maybe even after. Additionally, photography can be used to capture images of your or your family’s most precious items. This allows you to immortalize the condition of an item through photographs. We often see this in family heirlooms and pieces of jewelry. Some people even employ image retouching services for jewelry photos to improve the visual quality of their possessions.

Visiting History

They say it’s important to understand history for us to take a better look at our present selves, avoid making the same mistakes, and help us make better choices. In our trips to the past, it is best remembered when you get to feel what it’s actually like to be there, and photography can help us achieve that. Aside from that, photography records the history of the world and also your very own or your family’s most precious moments.

The Stories and Emotions They Tell

One common mistake people make is to assume that cameras only capture images. We’d like to go against the grain here and suggest that photography tells us more than that. A single photograph can tell a thousand stories, and it shows, or even invoke, all sorts of emotions from the person looking at it. That’s why photography is important to us.

How to Maintain a DSLR Camera


A warrior going into battle with a blunt sword is practically defeated before the fight even began. In the same manner, not having your DSLR camera in its pristine condition will make it almost impossible to take a good photo. Thankfully, it only takes regular maintenance to keep them functioning.


It’s always a good measure to conduct regular checkups on your camera. Doing this before and after using it will guarantee that you get to be on top of things when it comes to your camera’s condition. The first thing you need to do to maintain your camera is to detach all the removable parts and inspect them carefully and individually for damages. If there is, it’s best to take it to a professional.

Brushing the Gear

Once you’ve detached certain parts of your camera, make sure you have a clean, soft-bristled brush at hand. Use this brush to remove all sorts of debris and dust from the exterior of the camera’s main body.

Lens Maintenance

Lastly, make sure you have a microfiber cloth prepared for cleaning the lens. Be careful not to use other types of cloth as this may scratch the lens. A 91% isopropyl alcohol may do the job if you don’t have a lens cleaner with you. To do it, gently wipe on the surfaces of the lens to keep it clear.

Photographs will always be an integral part of our lives. Without capturing the things that we experience, how else are we going to relive the best moments of our lives? Whether you’re traveling to another country, watching the best summer festival of the year, or eating the most popular foods out there, make sure that you always have a DSLR camera with you to freeze these moments in time.

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