'Nostalgia has never been so Memorable'


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Broadcasting 24 hours a day, Radio Sounds Familiar is the home of Nostalgic  Television , Film , Radio and Library Music.

'music and ephemera evocative of the golden age of broadcasting'

 If you remember the 1960s and 70s let me take you on a musical excursion back in time.

Go and fetch your 'Opal Fruits,'Spangles' or  'Bassets Sherbet fountain' Switch on the cathode- ray tube, and settle down to the latest edition of 'Crossroads, 'Armchair Theatre', or 'Danger Man' and prepare to experience a selection of sounds you've not heard in years. 

This is Non-Stop Nostalgia 24/7

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ITA Card
on the buses logo
A sheet of green shield stamps
The View Master
Packets of spangles

 There's a Future in Nostalgia

1960's sweet selection

1950's to 1980's

1970's sweet Selection
Patrick Macnee 'John steed'

 If you enjoyed Television show like 'The Prisoner', 'The Avengers', 'Thunderbirds' and 'Crossroads' while enjoying a packet of Old English Spangles followed by a Lyon's Maid Zoom Ice Lolly, you'll love Radio Sounds Familiar.

Peter Wyngarde  ' Jason king'

The Station plays artists like John Barry, Tony Hatch, Laurie Johnson, Ron Grainer, Syd Dale, Alan Hawkshaw and many others.

To see the full list of Artists currently playing on Radio Sounds Familiar click here.

Patrick Magoohan ' The Prisoner'

The music is segued with Classic Adverts, Idents, Public Information Messages and Announcements of that period.

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